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Velotric believes e-bikes should be elegant, stylish, high performance, reliable, safe, and affordable. We have a vision of a simpler and more expressive ebike experience for riders who want to feel the exhilaration of the open road without any stress or anxiety. 


Safety First

Velotric bikes are always built with safety in mind. Velotric e-bikes go through a series of stringent safety tests and is IPX6 rated, ISO4210 compliant, UL 2271 Recognized and UL 2849 Certified.

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Define Your Adventure

Velotric believes that everybody should have access to high-quality e-bikes that won't break the bank. These e-bikes are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to explore your city or town, without sacrificing comfort or safety. Whether you're looking for a bike for commuting or for leisurely rides, Velotric has an e-bike for you.

Affordability Meets Quality

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