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Introducing the newest addition to Velotric's line of e-bikes, the Summit 1. This hard-tail mountain eBike is jam-packed with features, making it the best entry level mountain bike on the market today. With a maximum range of 70 miles, a powerful 750W motor equipped with a torque sensor, and 5 levels of assist, you'll master the trails with ease. The hydraulic suspension keeps you connected to the track, while the UL certification guarantees safety and reliability. Additionally, the Apple Find My feature and customizable riding modes make the Summit 1 the perfect option for your next adventure.

Summit 1

  • Regular (5'1" - 5'10") and Large (5'8"-6'6")
  • Torque Sensor
  • Class I, II or III - 20 Mph or 28 Mph Max Speed (User Customizable)
  • Full Color Display with Bluetooth
  • Apple Find My™
  • 120mm Front Suspension Travel with lock-out

Experience the Revolution

When shopping for an e-bike there is no better way than to experience it for yourself in person. Don't buy anything until you get a chance to ride it first. Come in for a test ride and find the best e-bike for you, not just what someone says is the best e-bike online.

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