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Introducing the latest version of Velotric's Discover e-bike, the Discover 2. This comfort commuter eBike is jam-packed with upgrades, making it the ultimate choice for daily commuting and leisurely rides. With a maximum range of 75 miles, a powerful 750W motor equipped with a torque sensor, and 5 levels of assist, you'll soar through city streets and countryside roads with ease. The hydraulic suspension and cruise control ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, while the UL certification guarantees safety and reliability. Additionally, the Apple Find My feature and customizable riding modes make the Discover 2 the perfect option for modern commuters. Say goodbye to traffic and hello to effortless travel with the Discover 2 e-bike.

Discover 2

  • Regular (4'11" - 5'9") and Large (5'6"-6'4")
  • Torque Sensor
  • Class I, II or III - 20 Mph or 28 Mph Max Speed (User Customizable)
  • Full Color Display with Bluetooth
  • Apple Find My™
  • Brake light plus Turn Signals

Experience the Revolution

When shopping for an e-bike there is no better way than to experience it for yourself in person. Don't buy anything until you get a chance to ride it first. Come in for a test ride and find the best e-bike for you, not just what someone says is the best e-bike online.

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