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e-Bike Subscriptions

Welcome to the future of mobility with Kruse + Company's revolutionary e-bike subscription program. We're thrilled to introduce a seamless way to experience the benefits of owning a premium e-bike without the premium price. Say goodbye to constraints and hello to the freedom of two wheels. Whether for commuting or cargo, embrace the power of pedal-assist technology with our cutting-edge e-bikes. Join us in shaping a greener, more connected tomorrow—one ride at a time. Welcome to a subscription that moves you forward.

Join the Club

Owning a premium e-bike can open up a whole new world of possibilities, but with a subscription, it is now even easier.

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Advantages of a Subscription

Owning a premium e-bike can open up a whole new world of possibilities. With a subscription from Kruse + Company, it is now even easier.

Lower Cost

Budget Friendly

With low monthly costs you no longer have to decide between affordability and quality. Enjoy all the benefits of a premium e-bike without the up-front expense.

Worry Free

Insurance and Maintenance

With maintenance and insurance included with every subscription, you are free from unexpected expenses and the costs of regular maintenance. Insurance covers theft and damage subject to subscription terms and conditions.

Ultimate Flexibility

No Commitments

With subscriptions starting at just 30 days, you can experience the benefits of electric biking and maintain flexibility as your life and needs change. Change bikes based on your lifestyle or upgrade with future technology improvements.

Purchase Options

Try then Buy

With the option to purchase, test the waters, ensure the perfect fit for your lifestyle, and, if love strikes, make the e-bike truly yours, blending the flexibility of leasing with the permanence of ownership.

Our Subscription Fleet

The Ultimate Family Experience


Riese & Müller


Starting at

  • Low Center of Gravity

  • Easy Loading and Unloading for Kids

  • Optional Child Seats for Kids Under 4

$255 per month

The Luxury SUV


Riese & Müller


Starting at

  • Large Cargo Capacity (Up to 3 kids)

  • Optional Weather Covers

  • Full-Suspension Comfort

  • Capacity Like an SUV, Responsive like a Sports Car

$425 per month

Ready to Join?

Contact our Subscription Team for more details.

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