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One plus one is three. The Ultimate C380 HMB is the perfect combination of a comfortable touring bike and a sporty city bike. It provides an excellent ride, taking you from A to B in style, speed, and convenience; now with the latest Bosch Smart System and upgraded Bosch Performance Line motor with 75 Nm of torque.


Whether you're off touring on the weekend or running a quick errand, the Ultimate C380 is perfect for the job. This ebike has components integrated into the frame and offers phenomenal stability. The Enviolo trekking hub adds the convenience of stepless shifting. And what's more, its attractive frame is sure to turn heads.

Ultimate C380 (Smart System) by Gazelle


Experience the Revolution

When shopping for an e-bike there is no better way than to experience it for yourself in person. Don't buy anything until you get a chance to ride it first. Come in for a test ride and find the best e-bike for you, not just what someone says is the best e-bike online.

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