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California Incentive Project Offers $1000 For New E-Bikes

Velotric Discover 1 e-Bike
The Velotric Discover 1 e-Bike, which is priced at $1199 and eligible for the California e-Bike Incentive.

The green revolution is on the horizon as the State of California prepares to launch the California E-Bike Incentive Project. This groundbreaking initiative offers residents a chance to embrace eco-friendly commuting through substantial point-of-sale voucher incentives for electric bicycles (e-bikes).

E-Bike Incentives: Your Ticket to Greener Commutes

Pacific Palisades residents, specifically those in low-income households, now have a golden opportunity to receive $1,000 in incentives for e-bike purchases. Moreover, a $750 bonus is available for cargo e-bikes. This incentive is amazing when paired with an affordable e-bike like the Velotric Discover 1, currently priced at just $1199.

Act Fast: Limited Funds, Unlimited Benefits

With a total fund pool of $7.5 million, the California E-Bike Incentive Program is a limited-time opportunity. Pacific Palisades residents are urged to act swiftly to secure their incentives and transform their daily commute. While an official launch date hasn't been announced, the application period could open any day now that retailers and eligible e-bikes have been approved.

Simple Eligibility, Easy Application: Your Green Journey Begins

Residents 18 years and older with a gross annual household income below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible. Applying online, on a first-come, first-served basis, ensures accessibility. A $5 million set-aside prioritizes applicants in disadvantaged or low-income communities or with an income at or below 225% of the Federal Poverty Level.

From Application to Ownership: A Seamless Process

Once approved, participants embark on an exciting journey. A short 20-minute training course covers e-bike safety and environmental impact, ensuring not just the ownership of an e-bike but the knowledge to make the commute safer and greener. Participants must retain their e-bike for a minimum of one year, fostering a long-term commitment to sustainable commuting. Not all e-bikes are eligible for the program and they must be purchased from an authorized and approved retailer such as Kruse and Company.

Join the Movement: Apply Now for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Los Angeles has the chance to lead the way in sustainable commuting. With limited funds and endless possibilities, now is the time to apply for an e-bike incentive voucher and ride into a greener tomorrow with Kruse and Company. Join the Project's email list to be the first to know about the application period opening date at

California E-Bike Incentive Project Logo


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