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Perfect handling in every situation – on streets, forest trails or gravel roads: the Load 60 is so manoeuvrable and agile that you never feel like you’re on an cargo bike. Its low centre of gravity, the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise motor and Riese & Müller Control Technology ensure a dynamic and outstanding riding experience. Wherever the adventure takes you, with whatever, or whoever you want to bring along for the ride, the Load60 will be ready.

Load4 60 by Riese & Müller

  • Bosch Cargo Line Motor
  • Large Front Cargo Box for Cargo or Passengers
  • Full Front and Rear Suspension
  • Adjustable Stem and Seat Post
  • Integrated Abus Shield Frame Lock

Experience the Revolution

When shopping for an e-bike there is no better way than to experience it for yourself in person. Don't buy anything until you get a chance to ride it first. Come in for a test ride and find the best e-bike for you, not just what someone says is the best e-bike online.

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